Sound Velocity Profiler

Sound velocity profiling is an important physical parameter for the underwater work of many sonar equipments. So sound velocity profiler is widely used in many applications including marine survey, underwater engineering, underwater terrain mapping, underwater navigation and positioning. SVP1500 sound velocity profiler adopts "Time-of-Flight" technology for sound velocity measurement. The system  measuring accuracy reaches 0.05m/s. It has integrated a high-precision pressure sensor. The depth accuracy can reach 0.15m, which is the world leading level.


  • High Accuracy: With "Time-of-Flight" technology, SVP1500's accuracy was enhanced to 0.05m/s. Build-in high-precision pressure sensor, depth accuracy reaches 0.15m.
  • Long Battery Life: Built-in high-performance lithium battery, continuous working life is longer than 8 hours. It is much easier to maintain.
  • High Sampling Rate: The sound velocity measuring time interval is shorter, which improves the collection efficiency and greatly reduces the measuring time of a single sound velocity profiling.
  • Easy Operation: 16GB massive storage space, which can store at least 4000 hours of data.


Technical Specifications
Sound Velocity Range 1400m/s ~ 1600m/s
Sound Velocity Resolution 0.001m/s
Sound Velocity Accuracy +0.05m/s
Sound Frequency 2MHz
Sampling Rate 1~30Hz
Depth Accuracy 0.15m
Depth Resolution 0.01m
Max. Working Depth 200m
Temperature Sensor Type PT1000
Temperature Resolution 0.001℃
Temperature Accuracy 0.05℃
Battery Life 8h

Physical Specifications
Size Φ75mm x 425mm
Weight 3.2kg (In the air) / 1.8kg (In water)
Cover Material 316L Stainless Steel
Working Temperature -5° ~ 45℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 55℃
Power Supply Internal Rechargeable Battery 3500 mAh
Supply Voltage 12.6V DC
Data Port USB
Data Cable Length 1.5m USB Data Cable