Imaging Sonar IS720M

IS720M is a dual-frequency imaging sonar with ultra-small size, low power consumption and easy for integration. It adapts state of art industry design and multi-beam algorithm to get high-resolution image underwater. We target to reach the video-grade acoustic imaging clarity and with high update rate, which meet various ROV/AUV requirement to target detection, obstacle avoidance and divers’ need to underwater imaging & navigation function. High-performance specially designed for high-end underwater imaging.


  • Dynamic Focusing, Near and Far Imaging:With dual frequency of 720kHz and 1.2MHz, IS720 expand the imaging range or high resolution at the user’s optional setting. At the same time, Hydro-Tech had developed special real-time dynamic focus beamforming technology to ensure that IS720 can not only achieve long-distance detection, but also achieve high-definition imaging at close range.
  • High Update Rate and High-Definition Video:Maximum 40Hz update rate and advanced signal processing algorithm is the base of high-definition imaging video. The resolution can reach 4mm at low frequency and 2.5mm at high frequency. All contribute to real-time and dynamic clear image.
  • Simple Operation and Easy integration:The product is so powerful and easy to use. We also provide a variety of operating software and SDK package, which is convenient for users in different industries to use, integrate and deploy.


Technical Specifications

Working Frequency 720kHz
Number of Beams 512
Beam Width 1°/ 0.6°
Beam Separation 0.25°
Horizontal Sector 130°
Vertical Sector 20°
Maximum Detecting Range 120m
Minimum Detecting Range 0.1m
Range Resolution 4mm
Update Rate Up to 40Hz
Signal Type CW / Chrip


Electrical Specifications

Voltage 11 - 32V DC
Power Consumption 30 - 45W
Interface Ethernet & RS485 Sync


Physical Specifications

Size 155 x 125 x 62mm
Weight 1.4kg (In air) or 0.3kg (In water)
Depth Rating 350m


  • 2022120307451184
    Unmanned Platform
  • 2022120307454982
    Speed Boat
  • 2022120307462068
    Hydrogrphic Ship
  • 2022120307464653
    Fishing Boat
  • 2022120307471184
    Oaring Boat