Hydro- Tech Marine‘s First Show at Oceanology International 2024 Attracted Industry Users’s Attention


Mar. 12-14, Oceanology International 2024 was held at Excel, London. This is a scientific and technological conference where industry, academia and government share knowledge and connect with the world’s marine science and ocean technology communities.


Hydro- Tech Marine exhibited series products of multibeam echo sounder, towed and embedded side scan sonar, sound velocity sensor & profiler etc.


The most popular product in spotlight is our MS series multibeam echo sounder, which attracted many resellers and potential customers visit our booth. During the show, Hydro-Tech introduced the extraordinary performance, easy operation, Auto Survey function & super high cost-efficiency of the products in details.


MS400U has won the appreciation and praise of many customers. It built-in sound velocity sensor, lMU and GNSS module same as Applanix SurfMaster. The good sounding result, low noise data quality and compact with less cables is iwell recoganized, which fully demonstrate the market competitiveness of Hydro- Tech products!


Also, the side scan sonar attracted underwater  rescue and scientific research users. They seriously looked into the features of Hydro- Tech’ side scan sonar and showed interests to both of the towed sonar and embedded sonar.


As an exhibitor at the first appearance of OI exhibition, Hydro-Tech is so eye-catching due to the endless flow of visitors, the duration of the audience's negotiation and the high recognition of the products also attract Industry media’s interview to Ms. Pandara. She introduced the company profile and vision of Hydro- Tech for more overseas customers. We are glad to show our products on this exhibition and very satisfied with the effect of the first show at OI.


In addition, not only Hydro- Tech exhibited our own products, many friends also congratulate us that they saw Hydro- Tech’ s products at other booth! That is our strategy partner, GRAAL, who integrated ES900 side scan sonar into X- 300 AUV. Hydro-Tech' s product quality and comprehensive technical supports help every unmanned platform customers deploy Hydro-Tech sonars onto their vessels more reliably. In addition to the standard software Hydrosonar, we also provide SDK for second development that make integration work easier.


In today's rapidly changing era, Hydro- Tech study and analysis the underwater exploration application, steadily polish and enhance each product. In the future, Hydro- Tech will keep strengthening the core technology and expanding the automatic and intelligent underwater technology, contribute to our vision of Make Underwater Exploration Easier.