Fixed Side Scan Sonar

SS900F is a small and light side scan sonar specifically designed for various underwater unmanned platforms such as AUV, ROV, USV and other carriers. With leading self-adaptive wave adjustment technology combining broadband signal processing and image equalization technologies, SS900F can clearly scan various underwater small targets and complex structures. So, it’s widely using for underwater constructure inspection, small object detection, emergency and rescue applications.


  • Small size, light weight, low consumption, simple structure and easy operation.
  • Plug & Play: Compatible with other device via Ethernet cable.
  • Delicate Image: Adopts innovative image equalization technology to enhance image contrast and present the terrain background image in high-definition.
  • With SS900F can provide a larger scanning range which supported by the latest adaptive waveform adjustment and broadband signal processing technologies.
  • Diversified Applications: Cable and pipeline survey, hydrological survey, archaeological survey, ocean energy resources survey, environmental protection investigation and port safety etc.


Technical Specifications
Working Frequency 900kHz
Vertical Track Resolution 1cm
Parallel Track Resolution 0.07m@20m, 0.17m@50m, 0.26m@75m
Vertical Beam Width 50°
Parallel Beam Width 0.2°
Signal Type CW/Chirp
Max. Slope Range 75m
Max. Working Depth 50m

Physical Specifications
Size 535mm x 117mm x 83mm
Weight 2.7kg
Working Temperature -2° ~ 40℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 55℃
Power Supply DC 10V - 36V
Power Consumption 10 - 20W
Deck Unit Weight Ethernet
Software HydorSVP